Want the details?  We'd love to hear about yours!  Just click the "contact" form and shoot us a message. 

Want the details?  We'd love to hear about yours!  Just click the "contact" form and shoot us a message. 


>>>   Full payment is due at the time of the session.  We accept Cash, Checks, and Credit/Debit cards. 

>>>   What do I wear for my session?  Check out this article:  http://clickitupanotch.com/2013/10/what-to-wear-in-family-photos-5/

>>>   Where will we be taking our pictures?  Trinity will choose the very best outdoor location for your family based on your preference and time of day.  Many popular spots to have as a natural backdrop are fields, parks, woods, and even the urban feel of the city.  Just fill out the "contact" form and she will guide you from there.  

>>>   What happens if the weather is bad the day of my session?   If we see there will not be a break in weather we will just simply reschedule to the next available spot that suits your schedule.  

>>>  What do I need to bring?  For family and/or children photo sessions:  extra outfit (just in case 1st gets messy on the ride over), a favorite toy or special stuffed animal, a drink.  Please be sure your little ones have been fed and had a nap before the session for the best outcome.  For One-year-old pictures its always fun to bring balloons and a little cake for them to smash!  {be sure to bring a lot of wipes} 

>>>  How do I book with SummerHouse Photography?  Simply click on the contact form and shoot us a message.  We do not require a deposit when you book, just bring along your payment the day of your session. 

>>>  Do you offer gift certificates?  Yes! We certainly do!  This is a great gift idea for birthdays, mother's/father's day, and other special occasions.  You can purchase any dollar amount.  The gift of photography and capturing moments for other people is a gift that keeps on giving for years :)