About Trinity Walker Keefer: 

 Hello!  Thanks for stopping by and checking me out!  My name is Trinity and documenting lives is my business.  I LOVE IT.  I was born and raised near Atlanta, Georgia (hang out with me long enough and the southern slang WILL come out! ) I now reside in York, Pennsylvania with a daily state of wanderlust ( noun. 1. a strong desire to travel) So I'd be thrilled to travel anywhere in this big world to take your pictures.  

I specialize in natural light photography - no bright, annoying studio lamps to make you squint here!! Just a whole lot of inspiring nature and ever changing surroundings… I'm known to shoot in the most random places! {"Hey, wait! Pull over right here!" ) It's these random places that keep me excited an inspired :)  

In November 2013 I was blessed to marry my best friend, Kermit.  Not only was it the most exciting and wonderful day of my life personally, but to my surprise- it really gave me some fresh insight into what it's like to actually be the bride!  That insight has truly made me better at my job (cue: checking my email every hour in case there's a sneak peek image after the wedding!) Haha :)  

For a little behind-the-scenes view into my life check out my (very random) pictures below. Want to dive deeper?… click on that Instagram symbol below to follow.

Talk Soon!  ~Trinity

Work featured on:  Good Morning America /  Huffington Post Weddings / Susquehanna Style Magazine